For more than a decade, RRS has produced literally hundreds of meetings and events for Siemens around the world. Plus, our team has created and produced the vast majority of all US based roads shows for Siemens Healthcare, with successful tours for both the MR and CT divisions for: Avanto, Espree, Verio, and Emotion.

For Siemens Corporate RRS produced and managed the 16 month, 60 city Smart Chopper Tour. And for Siemens Energy, one of the most intensive shows to date, the Smart Grid Tour, an 11 city international show highlighting Siemens capabilities in power generation, distribution and consumer application, all told within a 70’ geodesic dome.

Currently, RRS is producing and managing the Sustainable Cities Tour, a scaleable global tour featuring interactive tools highlighting the topics of Water, Energy, Mobility and Buildings. Content is distributed via iPad applications, interactive walls, and expert center kiosks.